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Nitro Tuning Guide

Tuning Your Engine Tuning the engine is the number one most important aspect of running a Nitro Powered Vehicle. Your day will be jam packed with fun or you will get so frustrated you will want to throw your car across the parking lot. Idle Adjustment All nitro engines have an idle adjustment screw. This adjust the motor speed when the throttle is in the idle position. If it is set too fast, the tires will want to move. If it is set to low, the engine will cut off. The factory setting is usually right on, but if you...

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Top 5 Redcat Racing RC Products of 2016

Top 5 Redcat Racing Products of 2016 Isn't there a common saying that you are never too late to do anything? Definitely. Same applies to having fun. You are never too old to have any sort of fun. When it comes to having fun, may you be 10 years or 80 years old, getting a nice remote control truck or car and riding them never gets old. They always seem to be untiring and gives you a lot of pleasure. Nowadays there are varieties of RC trucks, cars etc which comes in different shapes and sizes. One among the best...

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